make-to-order is the process

of making a garment when ordered..

this comes with lots and lots of benefits!

first of all; it can be customized to fit your body perfectly.

you got those lovely long legs? let’s make them pants some longer!

you got curved hot hips? let’s give them space!


however, it’s important not to forget this beautiful planet we live on.

due to the make-to-order possibility

you+me = we

can contribute to a minimal waste production process,

which is not that easy to find these days -unfortunately-

no unnecessary waste, yay!!


and last but not least

you can wear a unique handmade piece,

made -with love- in Belgium,

just for you! 

any further questions? don't hesitate to ask! 

click here to ask me anything!


to order a customized Faffie item just go through the regular shopping process: pick your favorite item(s), select a color and go to the check out.


a message box "comments on your order" will appear...

this is where we exchange all information needed to make your item fit! 

you can speak directly to me!


for example: if you want a wider fit,

i’ll just need your bust or/and waist sizes...

to get the right measurements, click here.

don't panic, we're in this together, and i"ll make it work! 


please note that when customized, products can not be refunded

due to the impossibility to sell personalized,

unique items to anyone else but you.

extra modifications after the first fitting at the other hand,

can be applied and are possible without extra charge.

when modifications after the customization process are necessary,

shipping costs can not be refunded.


please note that depending on the customization,

there will be a longer delivery time needed than given at the check out.